In 2018, I want to explore and learn the world of content creation for websites.
I came up with a wishlist:

  • WordPress and Website Development
  • Design and Media
  • Content Creation
  • Website Management
  • Social Media Tools and Techniques

As a way to maintain the motivation, discipline, and direction, I defined very simple rules:

  1. Dedicate at least one hour every day to this initiative
  2. It’s tolerable to miss one day (because life really got in the way, etc.) but skipping two days in a row equals failure
  3. The activity has to fall in one of the five categories (WordPress and Website Development, Design and Media, Content Creation, Website Management, or Social Media Tools and Techniques)
  4. Use a daily log to record progress

Simple rules are the least likely to be circumvented. And here is my daily log:

[Note: I broke rule 2 and have been out of it since I took a week off in early May] 🙁

[May 5 update: taking a break to assess progress and adjust course] This entry is closed.